The BSL Research and Policy Centre team includes staff who possess both international and national social policy and research experience.

We conduct research across a wide range of issues including climate and energy, disability, early years, education and training, housing and homelessness, income and social security, work and youth. The team also includes honorary research and policy associates, specialist social policy librarians and a research editor, as well as business and administrative staff.

Together we strive to create knowledge and build evidence that seeds new approaches to social policy, programs and practice that help shape a better future for people and communities experiencing poverty, inequity and social exclusion.

RPC Leadership Team

  • Shelley Mallett Director, BSL Research and Policy Centre; Professorial Fellow in Social Policy, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Melbourne
    – Homelessness; youth transitions; gender and health inequities
  • Joseph Borlagdan Principal Research Fellow, Youth Opportunity
    – Youth studies; homelessness; inequality; applied sociology; adaptive methodologies
  • Dina Bowman Principal Research Fellow, Work and Economic Security and Honorary Principal Fellow, University of Melbourne
    – Economic security; social security; financial wellbeing; work; poverty
  • Marion Coddou  Head, Monitoring Evaluation and Learning
  • Damian Sullivan Principal, Climate Change and Energy
    – Climate change; energy affordability; energy efficiency; sustainability
  • Deborah Warr , Principal Policy & Research Fellow, Inclusive Communities

Specialist staff

Researchers and policy advisors

  • Rory Anderson, Research Officer
  • Lisa Audsley  Senior Policy Advisor
    – Youth employment
  • Aradhana Barua Research Officer
    – Inclusive education; HIPPY; quantitative research method
  • Sharon Bond Senior Research Officer
    – Youth transitions; career development; collaborative community services
  • David Bryant Research Officer
    – Climate change; energy affordability; energy efficiency; sustainability
  • Rhianna Brickle Senior Research Officer
    – First Nations health and wellbeing; education
  • Emma Chessell Project Manager
    – Energy efficiency; regulated markets; renewable energy
  • Catherine Cheng Policy Advisor
  • Kira Clarke Senior Research Fellow
    – Youth transitions; vocational education & training (VET); post-compulsory education; practitioner research; Initial teacher education; education policy
  • Katy Cornwell  Senior Manager, Monitoring and Learning
  • Liam Cranley Project Manager
    – Energy; climate change
  • Liam Fallon  Research Officer
  • Christopher Hacon Data and Reporting Analyst
  • Ursula Harrison Research Fellow
    – Work; economic security; Life Chances Study
  • Margaret Kabare, Senior Research Officer
  • Deborah Keys Research Fellow
    – Youth homelessness; youth employment
  • Stuart Marshall Reporting Manager
  • Amber Mills Senior Research Fellow
    – Disadvantage; quantitative and qualitative research methodologies; care; accessibility
  • Emily Porter ANZ Tony Nicholson Research Fellow
    – Financial inclusion; economic security
  • Debra Parnell  Senior Policy Advisor
    – Disability policy
  • Andrew Thies  Policy Advisor
    – Future of work; disability employment
  • Danielle Thornton Senior Research Fellow
    – Policy history; social security; commissioning; participatory service design and practice; democratic cultures; theory and practice of social transformation
  • Andrew Wallace, Research Officer