View the list of products and services that you can receive matched savings for.

Education items that are eligible

  • Text books
  • Uniform mandatory for education (sports uniform included for children only)
  • Computers and tablets (new or purchased from a business that sells second hand)
  • Stationery
  • Furniture for studying (desk, chair, book shelves, desk lamp)
  • Tutoring specific to study
  • TAFE/VET fees
  • Computer Accessories (antiviral software, the Microsoft Office suite, monitor, modem, printer, external hard drives, other hardware etc.)
  • Bulk transport passes (monthly, 6 monthly and yearly passes) to school, university or TAFE
  • Equipment and industry specific clothing mandatory for vocational training. Please note that evidence must be provided to show that the equipment and/or clothing is a requirement for the course being undertaken
  • Short courses & conferences that complement the vocational training being undertaken.

Items that are eligible for children only

Children's Primary and Secondary School items that are eligible:

  • Excursions, trips and camps
  • School bag, lunch box, drink bottle
  • School materials
  • Laptop Hire Scheme
  • School materials for specialist subject costs
  • School photos

Children's club or community activity items (e.g. sport, music, dance, scouts/girl guides, cadets, art):

  • Membership fees and lesson fees such as swimming or piano lessons
  • Equipment and uniform
  • Excursions, trips and camps

Items that are not eligible

  • School fees
  • Childcare fees and school holiday programs
  • University Fees/HECS-HELP
  • VET-FEE-HELP debts
  • Motor vehicles and accessories, driving lessons and car parking costs
  • Medical or health equipment
  • Glasses (prescription or otherwise)
  • Mobile Phones, Mp3 Players TV's or gaming consoles
  • Internet Plans
  • Shoes, clothes or accessories for school formals
  • Shoes, clothes or accessories for outside school, including watches, wallets and purses
  • Non study related furniture
  • Bicycles
  • Gym memberships
  • Second hand goods not through registered dealer (with ABN)
  • Item purchased without a Tax Invoice that includes an ABN