Sustaining Economic Empowerment and Dignity for Women: conceptual framework

Jo Buick, Dina Bowman, Rebecca Pinney Meddings and Margaret Kabare

This report outlines the theoretical frameworks for addressing women’s economic security that underpin the SEED Project.

At a glance

The Sustaining Economic Empowerment and Dignity (SEED) Project is committed to seeding positive change for women’s economic security in communities around Australia. 

Its ambition is to demonstrate how a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach across research, service delivery and advocacy can work to challenge the systemic and structural barriers that undermine women’s financial wellbeing.

This document articulates the SEED Project's conceptual foundations, and provides some background to the project.

Dive deeper

Since early 2020, the SEED Project has developed and piloted a new approach to women’s economic security in Seymour, Victoria. 

Integrating research, policy and practice, the SEED Project aims to respond to the following questions:

  • What current policy settings, agency practices and other factors enable or constrain the economic security of women experiencing financial insecurity in place?
  • How do these factors play out in women’s lives in the short and the long term?
  • Which policies and practices are working well and which activities should be expanded?
  • What is not working well and should be stopped or changed?

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Last updated on 13 June 2023