Adjusting to Consumer Directed Care: the experience of BSL community aged care service users

Bonnie Simons, Helen Kimberley and Nicky McColl Jones

Will increased choice in community aged care benefit all consumers? Our research explored how older Australians are adjusting to the radical recent changes of Consumer Directed Care.

Australia’s approach to providing care for older adults living at home is changing significantly, under the banner of Consumer Directed Care. Clients now have individual choice and control of their government-subsidised Home Care Packages.

An action research study was undertaken to track the challenges of introducing the new model of community aged care, as developed at BSL. This report focuses on the experiences of older adults and their carers. While capable consumers appreciated being able to choose their services and activities, the study suggested that others will need adequate, ongoing support to exercise meaningful choice and control.

Last updated on 4 March 2020

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