Do charitable providers have to choose between the money and the mission, or can we balance both?

The way human services are funded is changing. That change brings new opportunities for organisations but with that comes new risks.

This project explored how community organisations can successfully adapt while remaining true to our social mission. It  investigated:

  • the impact of human services contracting on the independence of the community services sector
  • how community service organisations can build productive working relationships with governments to end poverty in Australia
  • how large and small organisations can work together rather than compete for reduced funding
  • how community organisations can work through the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) to empower individuals in their communities.

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Case study

Shelley Mallett, Danielle Thornton and David Bryant 2018, Steering social innovation: community agencies and the commissioning of Education First Youth Foyers , case study written for and published by the Case Program, The Australia and New Zealand School of Government,

Practice guide

Danielle Thornton, David Bryant and Shelley Mallett 2018, Making the leap: a practical guide to inter-agency collaboration (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Policy submissions

Human services: identifying sectors for reform – a response to the Productivity Commission issues paper
August 2016 (PDF, 683 KB)

Reforms to human services: response to the Productivity Commission
February 2017 (PDF, 794 KB)