How easy is it for Australians with disability aged 18–64 years who are not eligible for NDIS funding to find and use the services and support they need to participate in the community?

This project is designed to shed light on the key sources of support, information and advice available to these community members, and how the Information Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) program is working in particular regions. The research will include Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

This is a critical time to examine the sustainability, efficacy and equity of the NDIS in achieving its aim of supporting people with disability, and to capture lessons from the experience of Australians with disability who are ineligible for NDIS funding.

This is a 12-month joint research project involving the Brotherhood, BaptCare and the Melbourne Disability Institute, commencing in September 2020.

Project team

Diane Brown

Dr Amber Mills

Dr Sue Olney, Research Fellow, Melbourne Disability Institute

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