Proposed Site Changes

Are there changes proposed for the Fitzroy site?

BSL’s mission is to prevent and alleviate poverty in Australia. We actively seek to grow the impact of our work and are constantly looking for new ways to do this. This includes how we better utilise our facilities to support the community.

BSL’s site in Fitzroy is a key facility that offers greater potential to deliver impact, and we have commenced a project to consider what the possibilities might be for unlocking this potential.

While work has progressed to scope redevelopment opportunities, no decisions will be made about changes to the site until at least after BSL has formulated its next organisational strategy which will not be until 2023.

Why is BSL planning to make changes to the site?

The current site is outdated and does not meet the requirements of contemporary community services – including for accessibility.

This is an opportunity to explore what is possible and potentially build something better for everyone who lives, works, and uses services on the site.

What is BSL’s vision for the site?

 Whilst we do not have a confirmed plan yet, we have been engaging with others for input, including;

• talking with many people and different organisations internally and in the community,
• discussions and consultation with all levels of government,
• reviewing our BSL strategy, and
• seeking specialist advice and holding workshops with different experts.

Is BSL going to be leaving the site?

No. The Brotherhood of St. Laurence is committed to maintaining a presence on the site.

When will BSL make a decision about what to do at the site?

We are taking our time to make sure we get this right. Decisions will be made no sooner than 2023, following consultations and the finalisation of our new Strategic Plan.

When does BSL expect any changes to happen on the site?

Until we have a clear plan, there is no timetable to make physical changes on the site.

We are planning some minor works to “reactivate” the current buildings following the remote working experiences of the past two years.

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