We offer community workers training in MoneyMinded, Australia’s largest adult financial education program.

MoneyMinded helps people build their financial skills, knowledge and confidence.

MoneyMinded was developed by ANZ following its ANZ Survey of Adult Financial Literacy in Australia (2003), which identified a strong link between socio-economic status and financial literacy levels.

Who is eligible?

MoneyMinded training is free for community workers who want to gain access to financial information and tools to help their clients.

Community workers can then deliver training sessions to groups or use the resources in one-on-one meetings with their clients.

MoneyMinded facilitator training

MoneyMinded provides education on a range of topics such as techniques for effective budgeting, managing debt, smart banking and future planning, including superannuation and saving.

As a community service professional or financial counsellor, you can enquire to become an accredited MoneyMinded facilitator and use the program with your clients. You can deliver MoneyMinded as a standalone program or integrate it with existing programs and services.

The MoneyMinded accreditation includes free access to training, materials and resources to support your delivery of the program including facilitator guides, participant workbooks, case studies and visual teaching aids.

Contact us

For more information about MoneyMinded and the type of training we can deliver, please email moneyminded@bsl.org.au or (03) 9445 2423.

To access the online MoneyMinded activities, use money tools or find out more about the program, visit the MoneyMinded website .

MoneyMinded was developed by ANZ in 2002 in collaboration with the NSW Department of Education and Training, Financial Counselling Australia, the Financial Counsellors Association of NSW, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and community sector representatives.