Supporting jobseekers – Given the Chance

Given the Chance is one of our longest running and most effective employment support programs.

Supporting job seekers experiencing disadvantage

Given the Chance is a BSL social enterprise designed to support job seekers experiencing disadvantage into paid employment. We do this by partnering with a variety of businesses across different industries.

We also offer apprenticeships, traineeships and labour-hire, using the expertise of BSL to maximise positive employment outcomes.

Australian apprenticeships and traineeships offer opportunities to train, study and simultaneously earn an income in a wide range of occupations and trades.*

Our registered Group Training Organisation (GTO) directly employs trainees and apprentices and places them with host employers across a range of industries.

Labour hire for a social purpose gives jobseekers invaluable workplace experience, while allowing employers to determine if employees may be suitable for longer term opportunities.

Diversifying the workforce

With Given the Chance, employers are able to grow and diversify their workforce, foster social benefit and inclusion in workplace communities, and meet their social procurement objectives.

Given the Chance – money well spent

Given the Chance has supported many refugees and people seeking asylum into jobs.

An independent analysis by auditors KPMG found that for every dollar spent on supporting a person seeking asylum to find work, there is a $3 benefit.

Overall program benefits over the period analysed were more than $7 million. This benefit is shared between the federal government (in taxation revenue and reduced welfare payments) and program participants (via increased personal income).

Given the Chance employer, Outlook Environmental, has helped us find work for people seeking asylum.
Given the Chance employer, Outlook Environmental, has helped us find work for people seeking asylum.

The success of the program

Given the Chance has built and sustained long-term success due to the program’s intensive support model, including four support components:

  • participant preparation and training
  • employer preparation and awareness training
  • in-work field support
  • transition support to new opportunities.

After the success of the initiative in Victoria, Given the Chance is now being delivered in partnership ship with ANZ across limited sites in NSW.

*participants must meet the qualification criteria

Who is eligible?

We work with the long-term unemployed, young people, mature-aged people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, people seeking asylum, refugees, people with disability, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and many other groups facing disadvantage while looking for work.

Find out more

To find out more about the features of the program, types of employment , current vacancies and to check if you’re eligible, please visit the Given the Chance website .

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