HIPPY Age 3 Program in Frankston North is a free, home-based program for families with a child turning 3 years old by 30 April, that helps to build skills and confidence. HIPPY encourages a love of learning and empowers parents & carers to be their children’s first teachers.

HIPPY is a free home-based program that supports families to strengthen children’s confidence and knowledge. Current research shows that HIPPY is a successful way for families to build a strong foundation for school success. 

HIPPY Frankston North is open to families who have a child who will turn 3 by 30 April, and who live in:

  • Frankston North
  • Seaford East (Belvedere area)
  • Karingal
  • Frankston Central

Some additional selection criteria applies, including having a Health Care Card and not having participated in HIPPY before.

Benefits for children:

  • Encourages a love of learning and lays the foundations for school success
  • Prepares for school by developing skills and concentration
  • Promotes language and listening skills
  • Builds self-esteem and motor abilities.

    Benefits for families:

    • Creates a learning environment at home
    • Supports you as your child’s first and most important educator
    • Helps you adapt experiences to suit your individual child and family
    • Increases your knowledge of how children learn
    • Provides fun positive activities to share with your children
    • Strengthens links to your community

    How does HIPPY's Age 3 Program at Frankston North work?

    Home Visits
    A trained Peer Mentor, who is a member of your own community, will meet with you for one hour, once per fortnight to explain the activity packs. As a parent/carer you will then spend 10 - 15 minutes each day doing fun activities with your child.

    HIPPY get-togethers and gatherings
    You will also meet each month to have fun with play-based activities in a group setting, and share morning tea with other parents/carers who are also participating in HIPPY. Gatherings are held in Frankston North.

    Does my child need to be at home for home visits?
    The Peer Mentor goes through the activity pack with you, not your child, so children do not need to be present at home visits (but of course, it’s okay if they are home). All your children are very welcome to come to the gatherings and other events.

    Who are the Peer Mentors?
    HIPPY Peer Mentors are parents in the program, who have done the activities at home with their own child, and who are employed and trained to support other HIPPY families.

    Can I be a Peer Mentor? 
    If you are interested in the paid position of Peer Mentor, please contact the HIPPY Coordinators.

    Find out more by contacting your local coordinator:

    Neika Huss

    Call or text: 0491 690 298
    Email: Neika.Huss@bsl.org.au
    Landline: 03 9786 0724

    or apply online now to join in 2021.