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I sell dessert plates, specifically cookies, I also make baqlava and Kunafa. I like this business because it allows me to express my passion for arts and creativity. I hope for my business to grow and I hope I can continue to make more cookies for many events.

My name is Ahlam Al Sharifi.

I arrived to Australia in the year 1999. I'm originally a high school teacher and have tought in many different schools across the world, including Australia. Even though my passion has always been teaching, I have always loved arts and crafts. I always aspired to have my own business to be able to channel my creativity. I started making ceramic sculptures, and creative hamper ideas in my spare time and shared it amoung friends and family. This then lead to my mini business cookies by dreamz. I realised people want pretty food for occasions, so I put my baking and creativity skills together to make delicious customised cookies in all different shapes, sizes and flavours. I also make some traditional sweets such as knafa and baklava. They all looks so good you wouldn't want to eat it.

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Cookies by Dreams