Tendering: practical insights from community organisations

Zuleika Arashiro and Amanda Pagan

A resource for small communities who want to apply for government contracts.

At a glance

This short practical guide is written for small community organisations which are thinking about tendering to deliver government services.

The authors have pulled together the experiences of several small and medium-size community organisations that have successfully gone through the tender process. This go-to guide will especially help organisations at the start of the process.

Dive deeper

Preparing a tender for government-contracted services can be a daunting task for small community organisations that have limited staff and resources but may have local knowledge and links that are critical for an effective service.

This short practical guide draws on the successful experience of practitioners in small and medium-size community organisations that offer support for young people through Transition to Work services.

This guide is part of a Capacity Building research project , funded by John T Reid Charitable Trusts.

Last updated on 28 February 2020



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