Environmental scan part 2: Views of experts on effective employment interventions for people with disability

Shelley Mallett, Diane Brown and James Finnis

The report presents findings from focus groups and interviews with academics and senior government and non-government experts in disability employment policy and programs.

At a glance

Participating experts were asked about the critical aspects of effective employment interventions for people with a disability (particularly people with autism,
intellectual disability and/or psychosocial disability). Questions focused on 

  • what is working 
  • what is not working
  • what is missing.

Dive deeper

This is one of several reports from the Economic Participation and Employment Project, commissioned by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and undertaken by researchers at BSL and the Disability and Health Unit at the University of Melbourne in 2020–21. Together they provide an overview of the state of knowledge, and further evidence that driving change requires aligning policy and practices across complex domains including education and training, workplace and community settings.

Last updated on 31 October 2022



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