Seuwandi Wickramasinghe and Dina Bowman

Insights from Money for Jam, a micro-enterprise initiative for older women doing it tough.

At a glance

Money for Jam was a program developed by the independent, progressive think tank Per Capita . Designed to encourage the economic participation of older women, the idea was created through consultation and workshops co-designed with 13 women who had experienced homelessness. The pilot was trialled with a wider group and evaluated by BSL’s Research and Policy Centre.

The authors of this evaluation discuss micro-enterprise in Australia before presenting insights into how programs like Money for Jam can build the confidence of women—particularly those who have been doing it tough.

Dive deeper

The pilot in 2017–18 was a joint project with Women’s Housing , Fitted for Work and En Masse , and involved two service delivery modes: class-based learning and an interactive mobile app. A random sample of 40 women participating in the two modes were invited for interviews. Interested participants contacted the research team, who then selected 19 interviewees.

This evaluation examined the pilot’s impacts and produced suggestions for program development and policy advocacy. Suggestions include a staged approach that supports alternative pathways to economic security; a continuum of support offered through service collaborations; and a more formal governance structure that might facilitate information sharing of good practices.

Last updated on 16 June 2020