We’re working for a just and inclusive community in which the rights of all people with a disability are respected and their diverse contributions celebrated.

Together with the BSL National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Services division, we work alongside people with disability, their families and carers to promote all forms of inclusion as well as social and economic participation.

We work together to influence each level of government and develop evidence-informed policies and practices.

This includes informing the successful implementation of the NDIS, which supports people with disability and their families in living a good life.

The NDIS represents a major shift in how society values and cares for people with disability, and our research and policy recommendations help get this shift right.

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Our policy positions for disability

• Realise the potential of the NDIS Partners in the Community program – Local Area Coordination (LAC) and Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) – to drive community solutions to increase the social and economic inclusion of all people with a disability and their carers – including those not accessing NDIS-funded supports.

• Continue to improve the NDIS participant experience through ensuring the planning process is personalised and tailored to participants’ aspirations, and leverages unfunded community supports to progress goals.

• Ensure the refresh of the National Disability Strategy is matched by a renewal of the National Disability Agreement to create clear and transparent accountabilities for all levels of government to drive measurable improvements in outcomes for people with disability across a wide range of metrics including education and employment.

Team presentations

Support online (PDF, 678 KB)
Authors: Deborah Warr, Georgia Katsikis and Andrew Thies
Date: 21 September 2022
Location: Virtual Disability Conference

‘I don’t know how to answer that!’: exploring community perspectives on engagement activities (PDF, 847 KB)
Authors: Amber Mills, Deborah Warr and Vasiliky Kasidis
Date: 19 September 2022
Location: Anglicare Australia conference, Hobart

Transforming research: embedding lived experiences in applied research (PDF, 317 KB)
Authors: Mutsumi Karasaki, Jasmine Ozge, Dave Peters and Malita Allan
Date: September 2019
Location: Anglicare Australia National Conference, ‘Our Stories: The Power to Change’, Perth

La Trobe University and Brotherhood of St Laurence 2019, Quarterly Digest of Published Decisions about the NDIS from the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (PDF, 3 MB)

Selected publications

By Deborah Warr and Sharon Bond 2023

This qualitative study identifies features of a program that enables young people with disability to build interpersonal skills and explore employment pathways.

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By Sue Olney, Amber Mills and Liam Fallon 2022

How are Australians with disability who do not have individual funding from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) finding and using the support and services they need to participate in society and the economy?

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By Amber Mills 2022

Outreach to older people in vulnerable situations has enabled them to access aged care services before their health and living circumstances deteriorate.

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By Andrew Thies, Deborah Warr, Shelley Mallett and Diane Brown 2021

What needs to be done to reform policies and practices that aim to increase the participation of people with disability in employment?

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By Shelley Mallett, Diane Brown and James Finnis 2021

The report presents findings from focus groups and interviews with academics and senior government and non-government experts in disability employment policy and programs.

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By Shelley Mallett and Diane Brown 2021

This report scans recent Australian research into disability employment interventions; and current models, practices and innovations in Australia and internationally.

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By Karen Soldatic, Dina Bowman, Maria Mupanemunda & Patrick McGee 2021

Almost one-third of JobSeeker Payment recipients are people assessed with 'partial capacity to work'.

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By Diane Brown 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic poses immediate risks for people with disability, their families and carers. It could also have lasting effects, and compound existing inequalities, unless we redouble efforts to build inclusive communities.

Download guide (PDF, 318.0 KB)
By Maria Mupanemunda 2020

How can local governments create employment opportunities for people with disability?

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Selected projects

Research and Policy project

How would people with disability, their partners, parents and allies like to influence services?

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Research and Policy project

This study focuses on a BSL initiative to increase participation in mainstream employment for people with disability.

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Research and Policy project

Exploring people’s experiences of providing and receiving disability support services via digital platforms

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Research and Policy project

The Critical Interim Support (CIS) program was devised to provide immediate case management services to vulnerable and socially isolated older people in Melbourne. Our evaluation examines how it can address a significant gap in the aged care system.

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Research and Policy project

How easy is it for Australians with disability aged 18–64 years who are not receiving NDIS funding to find and use the services and support they need to participate in the community?

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Research and Policy project

How can public and private sector organisations use their purchasing power to create positive social impact?

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NDIS recipient at his job

Our approach to working with people with disability focuses on building a sense of wellbeing and autonomy. We recognise the importance of family, friends, carers and community.

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