Absolutely possible: how big problems have been solved around the world

Public policy specialist Andrew Wear argues we should be optimistic about resolving some of the toughest policy dilemmas in Australia and elsewhere.

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His new book is titled ‘ Solved! How other countries have cracked the world’s biggest problems, and we can too.’ He says it provides an evidence base to show change is ‘absolutely possible’.

Among the examples he highlights: Denmark is on track to attain 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030, Norway has achieved higher living standards with better wealth distribution, South Korea’s health system and diet has led to higher life expectancy and the United Kingdom has slashed levels of violent crime.

Andrew Wear is a senior public policy adviser in Victoria, and a fellow of the Institute of Public Administration Australia. His work is published in peer-reviewed journals as well as in The Mandarin and The Guardian.

In this Brotherhood Talk, he speaks with Professor Shelley Mallett, head of the Brotherhood of St. Laurence Research and Policy Centre . This talk place took in February 2020.

Transcript of the Solved podcast (PDF, 193.5 KB)
50 minutes, 31 seconds
April 2020
Aysha Zackariya and Sharon Lee
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