A lasting impact: child poverty reforms in New Zealand

In New Zealand, major reforms brought in by Jacinda Ardern’s government aim to lower the number of children who live in poverty.

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The reforms include the Child Poverty Reduction Act, the introduction of a wellbeing budget framework and social security reforms.

NZ expert Dr Michael Fletcher says these measures are an ‘excellent advance’, and while there are no guarantees, are ‘likely to lead to lasting change’. He’s a senior researcher with the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, and gives a detailed overview and analysis in this Brotherhood Talk.

Professor Shelley Mallett, head of the BSL's Research and Policy Centre , then leads a panel discussion with Dr Fletcher about the reforms, and how they relate to child poverty policies in Australia.

The panellists are:

  • Professor Cindy Kiro, pro vice-chancellor, Maori, Auckland University; chair of a key New Zealand Government expert advisory group and former NZ Children’s Commissioner
  • Brian Howe, former Australian deputy prime minister, and
  • Andi Sebastian, Council for Single Mothers and their Children policy and advocacy coordinator.

This talk took place to mark Anti-Poverty Week in October 2019.

Transcript of Brotherhood Talks podcast Child poverty reforms in NZ (PDF, 513.9 KB)
One hour and three minutes
February 2020
Aysha Zackariya and Sharon Lee
Lee Rosevere