Travers McLeod appointed as Executive Director of Brotherhood of St. Laurence

21 February 2022

The Board of the Brotherhood of St. Laurence (BSL) is pleased to announce that it has unanimously appointed Travers McLeod as the new Executive Director.

Travers will commence in the Executive Director role on 26 April.

"Travers’ appointment follows a thorough process and extensive search," said BSL Board Chair Stephen Newton AO.

"We are confident that we have selected a leader with the qualities and experience to ensure BSL can deliver on its mission and increase its impact.

"We believe Travers is a fitting and energetic leader with values that align with ours at BSL.

"Travers has a vision for the opportunities that lie ahead, and we look forward to seeing him bring his proven leadership skills to our organisation," said Newton.

Travers comes to BSL from the Centre for Policy Development (CPD), a leading independent policy institute, which he has successfully grown as CEO for the last eight years.

McLeod has long admired the Brotherhood of St. Laurence and closely followed its work. While CEO of CPD, McLeod recognised the synergy between CPD’s and BSL’s programs and initiatives – in particular their work in employment and early childhood development.

"Both CPD and BSL strive for an Australia free of poverty. We also understand systemic change is needed to improve our democracy and open more pathways to economic and social participation," said McLeod.

"I don’t think there’s an organisation in Australia that better connects on-the-ground service delivery with first-class research.

"BSL has worked for over 90 years to serve communities and build a just and compassionate Australia. It has huge potential to create even more lasting positive change.

"I am excited to meet with BSL leadership, staff and volunteers to learn how we can make a difference together," said McLeod.

Before he was CEO at CPD, Travers worked as an associate to High Court Justice Michael Kirby, a policy advisor at the Oxford Martin School, and a lecturer at Oxford University.

Acting Executive Director Dr Lucia Boxelaar will continue until McLeod starts in the role.

"The Board gives our sincere thanks to Lucia for her exemplary leadership of the organisation over the past year," said Newton.

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