The Power Saving Bonus Community Outreach program is provided by BSL along with Uniting, Australian Energy Foundation and GV Community Energy, and is proudly supported by the Victorian Government.

The Power Saving Bonus (PSB) is a $250 payment from the Victorian Government to help with energy bills for those experiencing disadvantage to help combat the rising cost of living and energy costs. BSL and its partners have been providing support to vulnerable households since early 2021, and to date has assisted clients to save over $2 million – clients like Barbara.

Barbara contacted BSL after having difficulty applying for the Power Saving Bonus (PSB) herself as she was confused with the process. Our team assisted Barbara to apply for the bonus through the Victorian Government’s Victorian Energy Compare site, and after doing that determined that she needed further support. 

The $250 bonus payment helped Barbara to pay down her existing debt and through an Energy Assistance Program (EAP) review, it was revealed that she was paying a lot more than the offers that were available to her from other energy retailers. 

By switching providers, Barbara was able to save around $1,350 annually – making her bills more manageable. Barbara said this saving relieved her anxiety caused by the financial distress she was under; and that her mental health has improved.

“I’m very thankful for the support I have received from BSL. It has significantly reduced my financial stress and hardship.”


Through the PSB Community Outreach program, BSL has been able to help thousands of people access further support to lower their energy bills and apply for other financial assistance. 

The PSB offer for vulnerable households ends on 30 June 2022 – before a new phase commences on 1 July 2022, where previously approved applicants may be eligible again for another $250 rebate when they undertake a review on the Victorian Government’s Victorian Energy Compare site.

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