We are living in extraordinary times

Our greatest concern is for the most disadvantaged in our community who need help now, even more than ever.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) health emergency is still changing our lives in ways we could not have imagined only a few months ago. And some of the changes will be permanent.

In a crisis of this magnitude, we must take heart as a community. Our priority is to work together to ensure we can all stay safe and well. We have been working with the communities we serve to limit the impact of this health crisis, and the flow-on social and economic effects of the actions that needed to be taken to slow its spread.

Physical distancing measures will continue to varying degrees for an indefinite period, and the economic crisis we are now facing is pushing millions of Australians into deep disadvantage and distress. It is the most disadvantaged who always carry the heaviest burden of any crisis – those who struggle to put nutritious food on the table, pay their energy bills and rent – who need our support now.

The crisis has also been magnifying problems of social isolation and disconnection, increasing the risks of deteriorating health, including mental health.

We’ve been working with federal and state governments to support their responses and welcome the actions and financial commitments taken.

However, more must be done to create change that lasts, and we are continuing to advocate for further urgent social justice measures. Read about our priority areas .

As we move through from the crisis, BSL is committed to, and investing in, finding solutions to existing and emerging fundamental community problems – so that no one is left behind when we eventually emerge from this crisis.

You can join us by supporting our efforts to keep our 60+ programs and services going. These services are now needed by more people and where possible, have been adapted to comply with new regulations while broaden their reach.

When you donate to BSL, it goes directly to supporting our services that serve the most disadvantaged in our community.

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We remain staunchly committed to our mission for a fairer, more compassionate, and just society and to advocate for those most disadvantaged in our community. And we encourage all to stand together and be the community that we aspire to be.

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Lucia Boxelaar
Acting Executive Director, Brotherhood of St. Laurence

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