Poverty isolates people from their community, affects their health and wellbeing, and deprives them of their dignity.

For people experiencing disadvantage and poverty, the impacts go far beyond not being able to buy life’s essentials.

Having a low income and limited resources take away one’s ability to engage fully with the community, creating isolation and affecting wellbeing.

How does BSL help?

BSL works to create a just and inclusive community in which all people can feel connected and live with dignity.

Examples include:

  • Our Coolibah centres in Fitzroy and Craigieburn and our Banksia Carrum Downs centre are safe places where disadvantaged older people come to connect with others, while enjoying enriching activities and cheap meals.
  • As a Partner in the Community with the Government’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), we work alongside people with disability, their families and carers. We promote all forms of inclusion, as well as social and economic participation.
  • Our Stepping Stones to Small Business program brings women together in a group environment to connect, learn and grow as they create their own small business enterprises.
  • We produce policy submissions to influence each level of government and develop evidence-informed policies and practices. This includes informing the successful implementation of the NDIS which supports people with disability and their families to live a good life. The NDIS represents a major shift in how society values and cares for people with disability, and our research and policy recommendations help get this shift right.

Research publications and policy submissions

We listen to your experiences of inequality and disadvantage, research the social and economic factors at play, and propose policies that contribute to a more equitable and inclusive society.