Our inclusive approach

The tradition of chaplaincy within the organisation stems from BSL’s founder, Anglican priest Father Gerard Tucker. He believed that ministry should draw on and support people of diverse religious and cultural traditions, including those without any religious affiliation.

Our inclusive approach

It is this belief that underpins BSL’s inclusive approach. We’re mindful that spirituality can mean different things to different people – perhaps embedded in religious faith, or experienced through being in the natural environment or expressions of humanity.

Our Chaplaincy Team

Led by Debra Saffrey-Collins, our Chaplaincy team provides pastoral care and support for people’s spiritual needs. It plays a special role in the care of those in our aged care facilities and programs.

Our parish partnerships

Led by the Chaplaincy team, we build relationships through mutual respect and interest with Anglican parishes. Please contact Debra for more information.

Brotherhood of St. Laurence Chaplaincy