Gerard Kennedy Tucker 1933–1954

An Anglican priest who founded the Brotherhood of St. Laurence as a religious order, Father Tucker was a social-justice activist who pioneered social welfare activities to address poverty.

Geoffrey Tremayne Sambell 1954–1969

An Anglican priest who later became Archbishop of Perth, Sambell established the BSL donated goods division.

A biography of Sambell written by Michael Challen is available for purchase. To order your copy email

David Scott 1969–1980

The nephew of Father Tucker, David Scott took a lead in establishing Community Aid Abroad.

Peter Hollingworth 1980–1990

An Anglican priest who later became Archbishop of Brisbane, then Governor-General of Australia. He led the campaign, ‘Promise the children against child poverty’.

Bill Ford (acting Executive Director) 1990

Previously Director of Income and Business Development, Bill Ford oversaw Diamond Jubilee Year.

Michael Challen 1991–1999

Michael Challen was an Anglican bishop and a strong advocate of social justice for all Australians. He supported close links between BSL research and services.

Nicolas Frances 1999–2003

An Anglican priest, born in the United Kingdom, had set up income-generating activities with disadvantaged people. He fostered the concept of social enterprise.

John Wilson (acting Executive Director) 2003–2004

A Board member who oversaw a transition period.

Tony Nicholson 2004–2017

Tony brought to BSL his strong background in services and policy development with people at risk of homelessness.

Conny Lenneberg 2018–2021

Conny came to BSL with 25 years’ experience in the development and social-justice sector.