We are drawing attention to the crisis of youth unemployment in Australia.

We do this through our ongoing national campaign My Chance, Our Future.

In an economy shifting to a knowledge and service base and striving to be internationally competitive, employers place a huge premium on qualifications, skills and work experience.

It is not due to chance, or perceived attitudes of young people today, that we find over a quarter of a million 15 to 24 year­-olds who are jobless.

We need to restore hope for our emerging generation. Australia needs a new approach to assist jobless young people to build their qualifications, skills and experience to obtain a job in the modern economy.

Our national campaign involves data analysis and spotlights research and policy around this critical issue to secure our nation’s future.

Youth Unemployment Monitor

A key part of our campaign is the Youth Unemployment Monitor

The Monitor is a useful source of information and policy analysis. But it’s not all facts and figures – we present the human stories of youth unemployment and the challenges young people face today.

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Latest Youth Unemployment Monitor: December 2019

PwC partner Sara Caplan urges more employers to fish in a wider talent pool and go beyond traditional university qualified candidates.

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Today, 46,000 young Australians are ‘long term unemployed’. And, as youth unemployment overall hits 12 per cent, some 265,000 young people are in the unemployment queue.

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Ben, 17, has discovered a satisfying career working in child care, a big U-turn from following his dad’s footsteps of working on cars.

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Youth employment and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought sudden and severe disruption to the labour market. As with the Global Financial Crisis, young people are especially vulnerable. Together, we can amplify employment outcomes for young people and business in communities.

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