Our staff successfully rose to the challenges of COVID-19

The hard work and passion of our people saw BSL successfully continue to deliver its essential services during the coronavirus crisis.

A group of BSL staff

2020 brought an array of challenges to our teams as they sought to respond to the impact of COVID-19 on the people we serve, and the ways we work.

The surge in demand on our services, and the impact of government restrictions meant our front-line staff had to rapidly change how they served those in need to ensure continued provision of essential services, often working long hours and going above-and-beyond.

The impact on our staff involved a myriad of changes. Service delivery was quickly moved online or via phone, and many had to respond to significant growth in demand, with new and past clients turning to BSL for support. Outreach was conducted with participants and the diverse communities. Wellness checks were made. And the list goes on….

Aside from those on the front-line of service delivery, our other BSL staff were quick to implement the changes to processes and systems required to enable us to step up or pivot our support, and also to ensure safety of everyone involved.

Despite the challenges…despite the pressure…despite the fatigue…our staff continued to passionately focus on ensuring BSL effectively supported the rising numbers of people facing disadvantage.

Our people and their passion for BSL’s mission is truly one of our most valuable assets.