Our Work and Learning Centres provided jobseekers with employment and training opportunities

A woman instructs another woman using a computer
Work and Learning Centres support jobseekers with job readiness and training support.

Five hundred and seven job placements were achieved in the FY20 year across the five Work and Learning centres that BSL supports, 40 per cent up from the previous year. So, despite massive job losses caused by the first wave of COVID-19, we have seen positive outcomes.

Between April and June, demand significantly increased for our Work and Learning Centres. Our ability to meet the demand, through our strong relationships, and by pivoting to online delivery and establishing more frequent touch points with participants, showed excellent results.

The switch to online delivery has led to the creation of new training manuals, adapted procedures and processes.

Results during the final quarter were especially strong in rural Victoria. Compared to January to March, employment placements in Moe increased 200 per cent and unaccredited training placements in Ballarat went up over 300 per cent.

In addition to connecting jobseekers with employment opportunities, Work and Learning Centres provide assistance with resumes, interview techniques, personal presentation, information on Australian workplace culture, and connection to accredited and non-accredited training.