Opened a new residence to support older people and those experiencing disadvantage

A room within an aged care residence
The BSL Aged Care Clifton Hill residence is a modern and comfortable facility where people feel at home.

Seventy residents from BSL's Sambell Lodge and Sumner House settled into our one hundred and fourteen-bed residence in Clifton Hill just in time for the COVID-19 lockdown, and are riding out the pandemic in safety, comfort and style.

One resident, Barry, says, “Compared to the old place, this is luxury.” He’s feeling happier in his new home. “I don’t suffer the same depression I used to since moving here. My room is close to the people I get along best with and I have a wonderful view.”

During COVID-19, the following precautions to protect residents have been in place:

  • All access to the facility strictly limited, with very detailed entry protocol, including temperature checks and an entry induction.
  • All our staff are trained on how best to guard against and respond to outbreaks, and we work with health authorities to constantly review and update infection control procedures.
  • Temperature checks conducted on all staff before work.
  • None of our staff are working at other aged care homes.

Having the new facility during this period has meant a lot for residents. It’s provided extra space, care and activities – easing the stress on those stuck indoors. The state-of-the-art building is providing older people living with disadvantage easy access to services and a good quality of life.

“Thank you to everyone who ever had a part to play in building a home for people who don’t always feel worthy of it,” says Sean Spencer, Director of BSL Aged Care.