Worked with partners and mobilised our supporters to create greater impact

A group of school students holding laptops

We partnered with DHHS, St Vincent’s Hospital and Launch Housing to create bridging accommodation solutions for people experiencing homelessness at risk of COVID-19.

We worked with employment partners such as GROW Greater Shepparton to provide employment opportunities for people affected by COVID-19 in regional Victoria.

Recognising a lack of access to digital devices, Schneider Electric and ANZ generously donated 110 reconditioned laptops to support:

  • Children and families programs across Greater Melbourne
  • Youth education programs in Frankston North
  • Employment programs across Greater Melbourne

Providing reconditioned laptops ensured that people experiencing disadvantage would not fall further behind through inability to access online education, employment and support services throughout the pandemic.

Our COVID-19 Crisis Appeal, which ran from April to June 2020, was our most successful fundraising appeal ever, raising more than $1.8 million to support programs and people affected by the pandemic. Appeals continue to run to support employment pathways for new migrant communities and children and families.