The Brotherhood of St Laurence offers community workers training in MoneyMinded, Australia's largest adult financial education program, developed to help people build their financial skills, knowledge and confidence.

MoneyMinded was developed by ANZ following its ANZ Survey of Adult Financial Literacy in Australia (2003), which identified a strong link between socio-economic status and financial literacy levels. MoneyMinded training is free for community workers who want to gain access to financial information and tools to help their clients. Community workers can then deliver training sessions to groups or use the resources in one-on-one meetings with their clients.

Training choices

The Brotherhood offers a two-day training package to community workers from three locations in the Melbourne area: Fitzroy, Craigieburn and Frankston.

We can also deliver group training to community organisations that have eight or more staff. A suitable training room with a whiteboard and projector is required.

About the workshop

The facilitation training covers the MoneyMinded Basics training pack, which includes:

  • Planning and Budgeting
  • Saving and Spending
  • Everyday Banking
  • Planning for the Future.

Additional topics and guidance in facilitating small groups are also addressed. Community workers may choose to use all of these topics in their workshops or only some, depending on the needs of individual clients. The workshops ensure all learning styles are accommodated so each client can increase their knowledge and understanding within a comfortable training environment.

MoneyMinded resources

MoneyMinded resources are distributed at the training, with attendees becoming a part of ANZ's national MoneyMinded network. As part of the network they will receive a MoneyMinded Facilitator Number (MFN) which enables them to order MoneyMinded materials such as MoneyMinded folders, calculators and client workbooks directly from ANZ free of charge.

Contact us

For more information about MoneyMinded and the type of training we can deliver, please email moneyminded(at)

If you’d like to learn more about the MoneyMinded workshop or register as a participant, please contact Claire Butler by phone:  03 9445 2423 or email: moneyminded(at)

To access MoneyMinded online, use money tools, or find out more about the program, visit the MoneyMinded website.

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