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Financial security is essential to building a good life, but people on low incomes face more barriers to achieving it. Our programs help them build a savings habit and improve their financial skills, knowledge and confidence.

A Saver Plus participant with her son

Disadvantaged individuals and families have fewer financial and social resources to achieve what they need to live well, such as paying for education costs, ‘big ticket’ household necessities like efficient hot-water systems or family social occasions. It’s also harder to plan for the unexpected, such as illness or being made redundant.

With assistance to save and improve ‘money management’ knowledge and skills, our programs put participants in a better position to control their household budgets, be confident and knowledgeable about banks and other financial companies and plan for the future. We also advocate for affordable and fair financial services.


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Saver Plus assists families on low incomes to develop a savings habit, build assets and improve financial capability. When they reach their goal, ANZ matches their savings, dollar for dollar, up to $500.
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The Brotherhood continues to provide MoneyMinded, ANZ's long running financial literacy course developed to help people build their financial skills, knowledge and confidence.
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The No Interest Loan Scheme provides individuals and families on low incomes safe, fair and affordable credit. 
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We are committed, through our integrated service centres, to helping local communities dealing with poverty and disadvantage to succeed and prosper. In particular we are focused on strengthening areas on the outskirts of Melbourne and country towns where the lack of jobs and services holds back individuals, families and communities.

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