Our program helps people who can’t afford dental care to access free or low-cost dentistry.

Many people experiencing disadvantage go without dental care. This is often because of the long waiting lists at community dental clinics or because they can’t afford treatment. Yet the lack of essential dental work can severely affect people’s overall health and erode their confidence.

When people with missing, unsightly or painful teeth have their dental health restored, not only is their overall health and wellbeing improved but they can also re-enter employment.

BSL’s Dental Care program can assist people to gain access to community dental clinics. We help cover the cost of treatment through a community clinic, or in some cases by a private dentist including the costs associated with complex dental needs such as orthodontic treatment.

Dentistry improves overall health and wellbeing, and helps re-enter the workforce.
Dentistry improves overall health and wellbeing, and helps re-enter the workforce.

History and research

The Dental Care program grew out of a trial in 2010 called Teeth First . In 2011 we published the End The Decay report into the economic and social costs of poor dental health which found that:

  • hospital admissions from dental conditions are the largest category of preventable acute hospital admissions
  • almost a quarter of adults reported feeling self-conscious or embarrassed because of oral health problems
  • children in the lowest socio-economic areas had 70% more tooth decay than children in the highest socio-economic areas
  • adults on the lowest incomes were almost 60 times more likely to have no teeth than those on the highest incomes
  • Indigenous Australians were twice as likely to have untreated decay compared to other Australians.

Eligibility and contact

People who reside in Victoria, hold a Health Care Card and are in need of dental care are eligible for the program. In some instances, people who do not have a Health Care Card but are in urgent need of dental assistance may be able to be assisted.

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