Our Given the Chance Jobs Victoria program provides a service for long-term jobseekers, who live in large parts of Melbourne's western, northern and south-eastern suburbs, and on the Mornington Peninsula.

Through Jobs Victoria program, jobseekers receive mentoring and training to become job ready.
Through Jobs Victoria program, jobseekers receive mentoring and training to become job ready.

Long-term jobseekers include

  • people unemployed for more than six months
  • people seeking asylum
  • people from a refugee background
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people
  • mature age people (aged 50+)
  • retrenched workers
  • young people aged 15 to 24 (not engaged in education, training or employment)
  • youth justice clients
  • sole parents
  • people with disability (not registered with a Disability Employment Service)
  • social housing tenants
  • ex-offenders
  • veterans and/or their families
  • people experiencing homelessness
  • people on low incomes
  • people affected by COVID-19
  • people registered with a Job Active provider.

Working stories

This program utilises an innovative recruitment model, working intensively with employers and jobseekers. Hiring through Given the Chance Jobs Victoria gives employers the opportunity to grow and diversify their workforce, foster social benefit and inclusion in workplace communities, and meet their social procurement objectives.

Jobseekers receive one to one assistance to create an employment pathway. This includes help navigating the Australian working cultures, interview skills and connection with employment opportunities. Everything is done with a focus on developing new skills and renewing confidence.

How to apply

To apply to Given the Chance Jobs Victoria, please download, fill out and return the application form to the relevant email below.

Contact BSL’s JVEN teams


Address: Dandenong Hub, Suite 3, Level 3, 26 McCrae Street, Dandenong, VIC 3175
Contact: Kaye Bishop, Manager
Email: kaye.bishop@bsl.org.au
Phone: 0490 440 263
Office email: JVENSouthEast@bsl.org.au
Office phone: 0491 050 613


Address: Epping Community Hub, 713 High Street, Epping, VIC 3076
Contact: Angus Blackburn, Manager
Email: ablackburn@bsl.org.au
Phone: 0428 028 226
Office email: JVENNorth@bsl.org.au
Office phone: 03 9422 5637


Address: 25 Mt Alexander Road, Flemington, VIC 3031
Contact: Gabrielle Hughes, Manager
Email: gabrielle.hughes@bsl.org.au
Phone: 0419 950 679
Office email: JVENWest@bsl.org.au
Office phone: 03 8080 1076


Employers interested in learning more about the program can contact:

Simon Gray
Email: simon.gray@bsl.org.au
Phone: 0427 258 521

This project is supported by the Victorian Government through Jobs Victoria.