Stepping Stones is accepting applications now.

To be eligible, women must have:

  • a basic level of English
  • a business idea
  • arrived in Australia as refugees, migrants or asylum seekers.

“Thank you for your interest in the Stepping Stones to Small Business Program. We are currently not running a new Stepping Stones Course until after June 2021. Any applications received before then will be added on our waiting list and applicants will be contacted when we schedule the next workshops.

Stepping Stones Program Application Form

Personal Details
(other or preferred name)
Current Residency Status
Are you willing to be contacted by Brotherhood of St Laurence researchers to discuss participation in the Stepping Stones Program?
I can be contacted for research:
About you
Other work activities?
Do you use a computer?
Business Idea
Do you have an idea for a business?
Childcare requirements
Do you need childcare at the training?
Which location would you find it easiest to connect with the Stepping Stones Program?
Referral Details

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