Focus areas
Women; Work and economic security; CALD; Gender inequity; Feminist theory; Intersectionality; Applied social research methods

Senior Research Officer

Seuwandi joined the RPC in 2013 and has a Masters in International Studies from the University of Sydney.

She has worked for the Federal MP for Melbourne, Adam Bandt, liaising with constituents and as a Refugee Caseworker at Amnesty International Australia in Sydney.

She was previously an Assistant Researcher for the Law & Society Trust in Colombo, where she examined the performance of the judiciary in relation to cases on human rights in Sri Lanka.

Seuwandi also worked in a voluntary capacity in the Brotherhood’s Ecumenical Migration Centre during 2011–12.



Australian Association of Gerontology

Emerging Researchers in Ageing network

Selected BSL publications

Bowman, D & Wickramasinghe, S 2020, Trampolines not traps: enabling economic security for single mothers and their children

Wickramasinghe, S & Bowman, D 2019, Not simply business as usual: insights from Money For Jam, a micro-enterprise initiative for older women

Wickramasinghe, S 2018, Building bridges to work: final report on the Given the Chance for Asylum Seekers program

Wickramasinghe, S & Bowman, D 2018, Help, but not real help: mature age jobseeker perspectives on employment services in Australia

Wickramasinghe, S & Kimberley, Helen 2016, Networks of care: valuing social capital in community aged care services