Focus areas
Mixed research methodologies; Evaluation

Senior Manager, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Marion earned her PhD in sociology from Stanford University in 2015. She joined the Research and Policy Centre in 2017 after moving to Melbourne from the San Francisco Bay area, where she evaluated education programs and studied political empowerment and mobilisation through community organisations.

Her interests include mixed methods research and thinking through the ethical, responsible and thoughtful use of data in program evaluation and monitoring. She is also interested in immigrant and youth services and empowering, community-based social programs.

Marion has worked in the Housing and Community team evaluating pilots of Certificate I in Developing Independence in organisations serving young people who have experienced child protection or youth justice orders. She is currently finishing the evaluation of Education First Youth Foyers.


Selected BSL publications

Coddou, M, Borlagdan, J and Mallett, S 2019, Starting a future that means something to you: outcomes from a longitudinal study of Education First Youth Foyers

Coddou, M and Borlagdan, J 2018, From aspiration to opportunity: Developing Independence in out-of-home care