The Brotherhood was involved in studies of several aspects of the existing taxation and transfers system, in the lead-up to the major review led by Ken Henry for the Australian Government.

We collaborated with John Freebairn at the Melbourne Institute to prepare a snapshot of some inequities of the existing taxation and transfers system. We commissioned the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM) to conduct an analysis of retirement incomes, and Judith Yates at the University of Sydney to analyse the scale and distribution of key tax expenditures relating to housing.



Paper on taxation

John Freebairn and Rosanna Scutella 2008, The case for change: a snapshot analysis of the Australian tax system (PDF, 69 KB)

Report on pensions and retirement incomes

Simon Kelly 2009, Reform of the Australian retirement income system , NATSEM, Canberra (PDF, 238 KB)

Report on taxation and housing

Judith Yates 2009, Tax expenditures and housing , Brotherhood of St Laurence and AHURI (PDF, 459 KB)

Report on asset-building and taxation

Gerard Brody and Elizabeth McNess 2009, Assets for all? A review of the Australian Government's $77 billion support for asset building (PDF, 161 KB)

Report on financial incentives to work

Eve Bodsworth 2010 Making work pay and making income support work (PDF, 605 KB)
Making work pay summary (PDF, 136 KB)

Policy submissions

Towards a progressive tax system: submission to the review of Australia's future tax system October 2008 (PDF, 128 KB)

Pension reform for all: submission to the Pension Review September 2008 (PDF file, 82 KB)

Strengthening Australia’s retirement income system: submission to the review of Australia’s retirement incomes system, February 2009 (PDF, 303 KB)