The Brotherhood has joined the Australian Industry Group, CHOICE and the Energy Efficiency Council to seek decisive reforms to fix the electricity system and ease the burden on households and businesses.

The alliance commissioned respected energy consultancy Oakley Greenwood to prepare an independent review of the policy options for addressing rising energy prices.

Our plan for affordable energy covers electricity generation, networks, retail, end use and consumer protection.

We propose:

  • stronger regulation of electricity networks, including more powers and resources for the Australian Energy Regulator, and better incentives for efficient investment
  • minimum targets for distribution network companies to use demand-side activity to reduce spending on new peak-driven infrastructure
  • ensuring that electricity users who reduce their demand for electricity during peak and ‘super peak’ periods can benefit through the wholesale market and energy efficiency schemes
  • robust protection for consumers, particularly vulnerable households and businesses
  • a stronger role for all consumers in the regulatory system, including a consumer advocacy body.

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Download the review by Oakley Greenwood (PDF, 700 KB)

Download our plan for affordable energy (PDF, 668 KB)