An important research focus for the Brotherhood has been providing evidence to support a new approach to employment assistance, to better address the multilayered barriers which people face to gaining employment.

The Brotherhood continues to monitor the effectiveness of government-funded employment services in meeting the needs of disadvantaged job seekers.

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Michael Horn 2011, Strategies for inclusive growth: strengthening the critical role of active labour market interventions (PDF, 178 KB), presentation to the Inclusive Growth in Australia Roundtable, Melbourne, 21 October.

    Book chapter

    Dina Bowman and Michael Horn 2010, ‘The Australian experience of employment services: what have we learnt?’, in D Ben-Galim and A Sachrajda (eds), Now it’s personal: learning from welfare-to-work approaches around the world , Institute for Public Policy Research, London, pp. 8–10.

      Policy submissions

      Submission to Australian Human Rights Commission Willing to Work national inquiry December 2015 (PDF, 278 KB)

      Submission to Victorian Government Employment Programs Review October 2015 (PDF, 237 KB)

      Submission re Employment Services 2015–2020 exposure draft August 2014 (PDF, 247 KB)

      Investing in our future: opportunities for the Australian Government to boost youth employment June 2014 (PDF, 1.4 MB)

      Pathways to social and economic inclusion: submission to the Australian Government on employment services from 2015 March 2013 (PDF, 178 KB)

      Decent sustainable work for all in a global economy: submission to the Independent Inquiry into Insecure Work in Australia December 2011 (PDF, 280 KB)

      Presentation to Inquiry into Social Security Legislation Amendment (Job seeker compliance) Bill 2011 April 2011 (PDF, 64 KB)

      Line of sight: better tailored services for highly disadvantaged job seekers, submission re future employment services from 2012 January 2011 (PDF, 250 KB)

      Response to the Exposure Draft of the New Employment Services 2009–2012 Purchasing Arrangements August 2008 (PDF, 42 KB)

      Submission to the Australian Government on the Future of Employment Services in Australia discussion paper June 2008 (PDF, 65 KB)

      Sustainable outcomes for disadvantaged job seekers: submission to the Australian Government on the Future of Employment Assistance February 2008 (PDF, 150 KB)