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Professor Shelley Mallett
Director, Research and Policy Centre, and Professorial Fellow, University of Melbourne

Shelley Mallett is the Professorial Fellow in Social Policy in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne and Drector, Research and Policy Centre at the Brotherhood of St Laurence.

Shelley’s career has been diverse, spanning service delivery, service development and training, as well as academic research and teaching. Shelley gained her PhD from La Trobe University after completing earlier degrees in Arts and speech pathology.

While her research interests are broad, she has particular expertise in homelessness and housing research, especially youth homelessness.

A former member of the Victorian Drug and Alcohol Prevention Council and longstanding board member of the Council to Homeless Persons, she currently co-chairs the Australian Bureau of Statistics Homelessness Reference group.

Shelley is the author of two books, including Moving out and moving on: young people’s pathways in and through homelessness, and the recipient of several research awards, including the DM Myers award, and the VicHealth Public Health Research award. 

Contact: smallett(at)bsl.org.au

Research interests

  • Homelessness
  • Youth transitions
  • Gender and health inequities

Affiliations and associations

Selected publications

Coddou, M, Borlagdan, J and Mallett, S 2019, Starting a future that means something to you: outcomes from a longitudinal study of Education First Youth Foyers

Bowman, D, Mallett, S and Cooney-O'Donoghue, D 2019, 'Diversion ahead? Change is needed but that doesn’t mean that basic income is the answer', in E Klein, J Mays & T Dunlop (eds) 2019, Implementing a basic income in Australia: pathways forward, Palgrave Macmillan.

Mallett, S, Thornton, D and Bryant, D 2018, Steering social innovation: community agencies and the commissioning of Education First Youth Foyers, case study written for and published by the Case Program, The Australia and New Zealand School of Government, anzsog.edu.au 

Bowman, D, Mallett, S and Cooney-O’Donoghue, D 2017, Basic income: trade-offs and bottom lines, Working paper, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Fitzroy, Vic.

Hart, A, Borlagdan, J and Mallett, S 2017, Paying attention to the future: piloting the Certificate 1 in Developing Independence in out-of-home care settings, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Fitzroy, Vic.

Levin, I, Borlagdan, J, Mallett, S and Ben, J 2015, 'A critical examination of the youth foyer model for alleviating homelessness: strengthening a promising evidence base', Evidence Base, issue 4.

Azpitarte, F and Mallett, S 2015,  'Who’s on the outer? Uncovering poverty’s many faces', in The Conversation, 22 July.

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