Repairing Australia’s income support safety net benefits us all

We’re calling on the Federal Government to ensure JobSeeker is above the poverty line now and into the future.

You can help raise the rate for good

The JobSeeker Coronavirus Supplement has been slashed by $300 a fortnight, with no certainty of the rate beyond the end of the year.

1.4 million people rely on JobSeeker support.

In the middle of an economic crisis, we can’t pull support from under so many people, and we can’t let the JobSeeker payment revert to below the poverty line.

Without job security and adequate social security, thousands of Australians will be plunged even further into poverty.

Each one of us, at any time, could find ourselves suddenly without a job. When we fall out of employment, we need a fair and adequate social security safety net to catch us.

We’re calling on the Federal Government to make a permanent increase to the JobSeeker payment.

Let’s not go backwards. It’s time to #RaisetheRateforGood.

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1 million Australians are waking up without work. Any one of us could be next.

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1.4 million people rely on JobSeeker support

There have never been so many people in Australia out of work.

In June 2020, over one million people were looking for work.

All of us benefit from a fair and adequate social security system

A system that leaves people behind is not only bad for those people, it’s bad for the economy, it’s bad for society – it’s bad for all of us.

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550 Reasons to Smile is a collection of stories submitted by Australian's temporarily raised out of poverty by the $550 Coronavirus supplement.

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An essential safety net, adequate social security is key.

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