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Job hunting getting tougher for the young, 7.30 Victoria, ABC, 21 November 2014
Levels of youth unemployment in Victoria are stubbornly high. 730 Victoria looks beyond the statistics in a segment that features Alison, a Brotherhood of St Laurence Youth Transitions participant, and Shelley Mallett, General Manager of the Brotherhood's Research and Policy Centre.

Community groups urge Government to keep RET, PM, ABC Radio, 29 September 2014
The Brotherhood's Damian Sullivan, senior manager in charge of equity in response to climate change, spoke on PM last night about urging the government to keep the Renewable Energy Target scheme.

Frankston Brotherhood of St Laurence VCAL program under threat, 15 September 2014, Leader
The Brotherhood of St Laurence fears its Community VCAL program in Frankston will be axed without a funding commitment from whoever takes Government at November’s state election, writes Christian Tatman. 

Peter Hollingworth and Tony Nicholson on civil society, religion and the rule of law, The Conversation, 12 September 2014
A speech given by the Right Reverend Dr Peter Hollingworth on September 10 set in context much of the good that churches and other civil society institutions can play, and the ongoing challenges they face. He stated his concern that welfare organisations will get squeezed by both the needs of governments and marketisation, a warning that should give pause for thought and debate. In response, Tony Nicholson, executive director of the Brotherhood of St Laurence, delivered this speech of thanks.

Aust under-employment of youth hits highest levels in nearly four decades, ABC Radio AM, 1 September 2014
Michael Brissenden discusses how the under-employment of young Australians has hit its highest level in nearly four decades according to research from the Brotherhood of St Laurence.

Youth unemployment in Victoria hits 15-year high, The Age, 26 August 2014
Thousands of young Victorians from all backgrounds are finding themselves caught up in a spiral of unemployment, and the situation is particularly dire in socially disadvantaged suburbs of greater Melbourne and rural areas, according to new analysis by the Brotherhood of St Laurence. Story by Henrietta Cook.

Napthine VEET modelling 'flawed', The Australian, 16 July 2014
A new report commissioned by the energy efficiency industry has found assumptions in the Victorian Government' assessment of over its business the state's energy efficiency scheme were flawed. 

Victoria’s attack on efficiency damned by new modelling,, 14 July 2014
A new report has raised concerns about the current modelling used by the Victorian Government for Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET), and attacked the government’s decision to dump the program. The Energy Efficiency Council, Brotherhood of St Laurence and Energy Efficiency Certificate Creators Association commissioned Jacobs, a leading energy modeller, to find out why the Government’s Business Impact Assessment came to a different conclusion to these other conservative studies. 

Project houses hope for ageing carers of disabled children, Herald Sun, 29 April 2014
Christian Tatman reports on the Brotherhood of St Laurence's involvement in the Hastings Model, a new independent living complex for people with disabilities in Frankston that eases the strain for many families.  

Big job ahead to build a future: can you help these young people find a job?, Daily Telegraph, 23 April 2014
Tony Nicholson, Executive Director of the Brotherhood of St Laurence, speaks to Bruce McDougall about the rising rate of youth unemployment. 

Young unemployed triple since GFC, The Age, 14 April 2014
The number of young people facing long-term unemployment in Australia has tripled since the global financial crisis, according to a  Brotherhood of St Laurence report, writes Konrad Marshall. 

Hi-Tech for the Lo-Fi, Pro Bono News, 9 April 2014
Interview with Rodney Weston, the Brotherhood's General Manager of Business Planning and Social Enterprises, on launching Australia's first online secondhand charitable bookstore. By Nadia Boyce.

Pat Parker gives back to Fitzroy’s Coolibah Centre, which helped her through troubled times, Herald Sun, 5 April 2014
'Here, everyone is equal. Just because you haven’t got a lot of money, people shouldn’t look down on you. Circumstances in your life can change, you can have a good job and an education and lose everything.' Meet Pat Parker, 70, a stalwart of the Brotherhood's Coolibah Centre for seniors. By Rebecca David.

Jobless numbers for young pointing to crisis, Brotherhood of St Laurence warns, The Age, 24 March 2014
A youth jobs crisis is threatening to expand across Melbourne after the biggest rise in the unemployment rate – in the eastern suburbs instead of the struggling west, reports Steve Lillebuen.

Charity warns new government of 'social disaster' as Tasmania's youth jobless rate spirals, ABC Online, 24 March 2014
The Brotherhood of St Laurence has charted Tasmania's growth in youth unemployment over the past two years, urging the government to act, writes Lucy Shannon.  

Charity forecasts Tasmania's youth unemployment to surge, Mercury, 24 March 2014
Michelle Paine reports that youth unemployment is forecast to surge in Tasmania in the next two years, says a Brotherhood of St Laurence analysis. 

Youth unemployment reaches crisis point, says Brotherhood of St Laurence, The Age, 24 February 2014
The number of young Australians out of work has reached "crisis point", as more 15 to 24-year-olds struggle to find jobs in the ripples of the global financial crisis, write Aisha Dow and Chloe Booker.

Meet Tieal Morgan, the face of rising you unemployment in the Moreton Bay region, The Australian, 24 February 2014
Rebecca Danslow interviews Caboolture resident Tieal Morgan, "the face" of rising youth unemployment in the Moreton Bay region, Queensland, in response to The Brotherhood of St Laurence flagging the region as one of the worst areas in the state for youth unemployment.

Youth jobless rate a "crisis" that can't be ignored, says welfare group, The Conversation, 23 February 2014
Michelle Grattan reports that the Brotherhood of St Laurence has launched a national campaign to draw attention to the youth unemployment crisis, as new figures reveal that unemployment among Australian young people has risen to 12.2% in the year to January, compared with 8.8% in 2008. 

Nine to Noon, Radio NZ, 17 February 2014 
Kathryn Ryan from Radio NZ interviews Simon Biggs, Professor of Gerontology and Social Policy at the University of Melbourne and the Brotherhood's Acting General Manager of Research and Policy, on some of the challenges and opportunities of an ageing population.

Home-schooling program helps Indigenous kids get ahead, SBS, 31 January 2014
Sarah Abo reports on how the Brotherhood's home-based learning program is helping families in Indigenous and disadvantaged communities better prepare their children for their first years of education.


Real unemployment rate masked, study finds, The Age, 20 November 2013
Reporter Clay Lucas speaks to the Brotherhood’s Katrina Currie about the importance of supporting older people to find work. 

Youth bear the brunt of jobs market decline, The Age, 8 November 2013
Peter Martin and Clay Lucas interview Troy Greelish, one of our Youth Transitions program participants who’s struggling to find work. He's not alone: new employment figures show the youth unemployment rate is 17.1 per cent - up almost four per cent from five years ago.

Disadvantaged young people face 'life sentence of poverty and exclusion’, The Guardian Australia, 30 October 2013 
Oliver Milman interviews Brotherhood Executive Director Tony Nicholson about the repercussions of the lack of opportunity for disadvantaged young people, highlighted in the COAG Reform Council’s reports.

One quarter of young Australians not in full-time study or work according to new report, ABC News, 30 October 2013
News story by Susan McDonald on Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Reform Council's latest reports on education and skills showing that not all young people are making a smooth transition from school to study or employment.

More young people struggling to find work after school, ABC News (AM), 30 October 2013, MP3 file streaming
Listen to Susan McDonald interview the Brotherhood's Sally James, who runs the Youth Transitions program, about COAG Reform Council's latest reports on disadvantaged youth being left behind when it comes to schooling and employment.

More finish year 12, but then hit the wall, The Age, 30 October 2013
Daniel Hurst, federal political reporter, interviews Brotherhood of St Laurence Executive Director Tony Nicholson about results from the latest COAG Reform Council reports that show 41.7 per cent of young Australians from the poorest backgrounds were disengaged from work or study, more than double the 17.4 per cent rate in the most well-off group.

Moving on against the odds, The Age, 30 October 2013
Reporter Konrad Marshall interviews Amelia Aparicio, who lives in the Youth Foyer in Glen Waverley, a partnership between Hanover Welfare Services and the Brotherhood of St Laurence, that offers accommodation for homeless youth wanting to study.

Prospects still bleak  for indigenous youth, The Age, 30 October 2013
Story by Konrad Marshall on how the gap between well-off school leavers and their disadvantaged peers has grown, with four in 10 from a low-socio-economic background not fully involved in work or study, according to the latest reports from COAG Reform Council.

Dropping out: income tip of isolation slide, The Sunday Age, 13 October 2013
News story by Ben Schneiders about comprehensive research on disadvantage produced by the Brotherhood of St Laurence and Melbourne Institute which points to a noticeable increase in social exclusion since the global financial crisis.

You've got to laugh to survive, The Sunday Age, 13 October 2013
Profile by Ben Schneiders on Graeme, a Fitzroy resident and Brotherhood of St Laurence client, suffering social exclusion. 

Employment a path out of poverty for Fitzroy refugee, Herald Sun, 11 October 2013
Story by Nic Price about Abraham Biar, a Fitzroy refugee who secured his first full-time job as a security guard after completing training with the Brotherhood of St Laurence.


Radio National (Sunday Extra). 14 October 2012 (MP3 file, streaming)
Hear researcher Janet Taylor discuss Turning 21: Life chances and uncertain transitions, the latest stage of the Brotherhood’s landmark study that has followed a group of young people from different socio-economic  backgrounds since they were born in 1990.

Radio National (Late Night Live), 31 January 2012 (MP3 file, streaming)
Hear Professor Simon Biggs discuss the rapid ageing of humanity moving from the developed world to the developing world. A report just released at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, looks at the challenges and some of the different solutions being adopted.


Life Matters, ABC Radio National, 28 September 2011 (MP3 file, 6.75 MB)
Hear Professor Roslyn Russel discuss the Saver Plus report findings which shows 87 per cent of Saver Plus participants continue to save at the same rate or more, two years after completing the program.

National Interest, ABC Radio National, 23 September 2011 (MP3 file, 7.05 MB)
Hear Tony Nicholson discuss changes to disability support and engaging severely disadvantaged groups in the labour market.

Life Matters, ABC Radio National, 8 August 2011 (MP3 file, 6.24 MB)
Hear Simon Biggs discuss aged care reform and the importance of keeping older people engaged with their communities.

Life Matters, ABC Radio National, 15 June 2011 (MP3 file, 6.05 MB)
Hear Dominic Collins discussing his recent report 'Reducing the risks' on improving access to home contents and vehicle insurance for low-income Australians.

Radio 774, ABC Melbourne, 24 June 2011, part 1 (MP3 file, 5.1 MB); part 2 (MP3 file, 4.04 MB)
Hear Said Dileri, recently inducted by the Victorian Multicultural Commission into the Victorian Refugee Recognition Record (VRRR), speaking with Lindy Burns.

The World Today, ABC Radio National, 11 April 2011 (MP3 file, 2.08 MB)
Hear Tony Nicholson, Brotherhood Executive Director, speaking with Eleanor Hall about the need for the government to give support to long-term job seekers, rather than limiting their access to welfare payments.

The Breakfast Program, ABC Radio National, 11 April 2011 (MP3 file, 2.36 MB)
Hear Gerard Brody, Senior Manager, Financial Inclusion, speaking with Fran Kelly about the new Brotherhood research report Money matters in times of change.

Banking Competition and Low Income Earners
Opinion piece by Gerard Brody published on Online Opinion 7 February 2011

Late Night Live, ABC Radio National, 26 January 2011 (MP3 file, 6.73 MB)
Hear David Vincent, Community Liaison Officer with the Brotherhood's Napier Street Child and Family Resource Centre, speaking with Phillip Adams about the referendum to decide whether the south of Sudan will be become independent from the north.


Radio 774, ABC Melbourne, 25 November 2010 (MP3 file, 4.08 MB)
Hear Kate Polack, coordinator of the Brotherhood's Breakfast Club, discuss the Breakfast Club Choir's song and video release for the festive season, which was directed by Brotherhood Ambassador Jonathon Welch.

Life Matters, ABC Radio National, 4 November 2010 (MP3 file, 5.9 MB)
Hear Sarina Greco, General Manager, Community Services and Miriam Westheimer, Director, HIPPY International, discuss the HIPPY program and its impact upon disadvantaged and children and their families.

Life Matters, ABC Radio National, 20 October 2010 (MP3 file, 7.3 MB)
Hear Ruth Lister discuss social inclusion and the importance of valuing care in our society prior to delivering her Sambell Oration speech.

Radio 774, ABC Melbourne, 28 September 2010 (MP3 file, 2.6 MB)
Hear Jonathon Welch talk with Red Symons about his new role as Ambassador for the Brotherhood of St Laurence.

News Radio, ABC Radio National, 15 September 2010 (MP3 file, 2 MB)
Hear Gerard Brody, Senior Manager, Financial Inclusion, speak about mobile phone debt and poor practices by telecoms which affect disadvantaged people, in response to a submission put into ACMA by Financial Inclusion.

Life Matters, ABC Radio National, 30 August 2010 (MP3 file, 5.62 MB)
Hear the Brotherhood's Tony Nicholson and Danielle Curry from ANZ talking about helping disadvantaged job seekers get into work with Richard Aedy on the eve of the Brotherhood’s 'Australia’s Future Business Leaders Lunch'.

Life Matters, ABC Radio National, 16 August 2010 (MP3 file, 4.67 MB)
Hear Professor Elaine Kempson of the Personal Finance Research Centre at Bristol University and the Brotherhood's Gerard Brody talking about credit cards, banking and financial inclusion with Richard Aedy. (note: the interview was cut short due to a technical error)

The National Interest, ABC Radio National, 30 July 2010 (MP3 file, 6.32 MB)
Hear Janet Taylor, Senior Researcher, Research and Policy Centre, speaking with Peter Mares about overcoming disadvantage and the Life Chances study.

Australia Talks, ABC Radio National, 21 June 2010 (MP3 file, 9.38 MB) 
Hear Nicola Ballenden, General Manager, Public Affairs and Development, talk about the impact of effective marginal tax rates on people moving from welfare to work.


No place to call home, Fairfax online, 1 October 2009
Opinion piece by Tony Nicholson published in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald online.

The Brotherhood of St Laurence (BSL) acknowledges and understands its obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and recognises that all children and young people have the right to be treated with respect and care, and to be safe from all forms of abuse. BSL has a zero tolerance towards child abuse.
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The Brotherhood recognises the harm that family violence causes and that freedom from violence is a basic human right.
We will support our staff, volunteers, clients and the community if they experience violence.

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