Paula turns her finances around with Saver Plus

23 January 2019

Paula has turned her finances around with the budgeting and saving skills she developed doing our Saver Plus program.

The $500 in matched savings enticed her to do Saver Plus, but more importantly, Paula learned how to save and how to budget, and she’s sharing those skills with her three daughters – Izabella, Charlotte and Macey.

‘It’s been a struggle for the last six years since my husband passed away; he had always been the money man. I had to learn how to budget. There was no such thing as savings. We lived day-to-day, week-to-week. Saver Plus has taught me lifelong lessons which are being instilled into three precious girls who watch their mother smash single motherhood head on!” she said.

The Brotherhood runs Saver Plus with ANZ and it is delivered in 60 locations across Australia in every state and territory. More than 40,000 people have completed the program since 2003.

Through better budgeting, Paula has achieved a lot since she finished the Saver Plus program in 2017. She has bought a laptop, a car and solar panels.

“We got a laptop which has been so useful for me and the kids. Before, the only computer we had access to was at school or the library.”

“I had an older car that was about to die, so I saved $6000, got a loan and traded it in. The loan is almost paid off and now I am enjoying the benefits of cheaper petrol with a smaller car.”

“I’ve had solar panels installed. Now I don’t have electricity bills. And I’ve had the house fenced for security.”

“Each year I try to set a goal to save for. Most of the time I try to do improvements on the house, to boost its value. Aircon will be next.”

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