Economic security

Changing economic and working conditions disproportionately affect the economic security of disadvantaged young people and adults. Rising costs of living combined with stagnant or declining retirement income also present serious challenges for some older Australians.

A graduate of our Customer Safety Information Service course where public housing tenants gain qualifications in security operations.

Economic security enhances wellbeing, reduces vulnerability to 'shocks' and enables people to participate fully in social, economic, political and cultural life.

However, the decline in entry-level and semi-skilled jobs, coupled with increased restrictions on government income support, has compromised some people's ability to earn a stable income. It can also limit their access to necessities such as housing, transport, care services, health services and education.

Our research looks at the interaction between employment, income support, and taxes and transfers. Currently, we are examining on how people manage financial risks across the life course in order to better understand what effective and necessary interventions. 



Spinning the plates

International research shows that people with volatile incomes face increased financial uncertainty making ends meet. Yet little is known in Australia about how much household incomes vary from payday to payday, how many households are affected, what types of financial 'juggling' households do, or how they find coping with this problem. 

This project explores these important questions.

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All being well? Financial wellbeing, inclusion and risk

RMIT University, Melbourne, 5 December 2016

This lively panel discussion on financial wellbeing featured Professor Elaine Kempson (UK), Professor Jerry Buckland (Canada) and Dr Jack Noone (Australia).

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No! Not equal

Dina Bowman and Yvette Maker present the urgent need to address the gender inequality that prevents many Australian women from achieving economic security, in a publication by Future Leaders. Download the No! Not equal text by chapter

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