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3 hours per session - negotiable
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Help students learn and practice the skill of running in a friendly and supportive environment

The Enhancement Activities Program aims to support disengaged students to improve connection to the school community and their engagement with learning opportunities, by providing a coordinated approach to before, during and after school activities.

An exciting opportunity has emerged within the Running Club Program to volunteer as a Running Club Assistant. The Running Club helps children develop fundamental movements to become more confident and skillful in physical activity. As a Running Club Assistant you will be a part of a team to support students to learn and practice the skill of running in a friendly and supportive environment.

This role will operate across the following two sites:

  • Mahogany Rise Primary School, Forster Ave, Frankston North
  • Aldercourt Primary School, Silver Ave, Frankston North

Please specify the location you are applying for in your screening questionnaire.

What we're looking for:

We are looking for someone with:

    • Commitment and interest in supporting children and young people
    • Demonstrated running and/or coaching experience, skills and knowledge
    • Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to relate and interact well with children and young people
    • Demonstrated capacity to contribute to a team environment
    • Commitment to the objectives and ongoing development of the program
    • Understanding of and commitment to the values and ideals of the BSL

    How do I apply?

    1. Understand if you’re eligible

    Check whether you meet the selection criteria by looking at the list above and reading through the Running Club Assistant role description

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are encouraged to apply. BSL is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

    2. Provide your resume

    Your resume should include your work experience relevant to this volunteering opportunity.

    3. Fill out the screening questionnaire

    All applicants need to fill out the screening questionnaire to be considered for the role.

    4. Email your written application

    Email your application to volunteer@bsl.org.au



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