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Become a volunteer L2P Mentor to young learner drivers in Frankston.


The Brotherhood of St Laurence (BSL) recently partnered with Frankston City Council’s L2P Program to increase the opportunity and availability for young people in our community to access the highly in-demand and successful initiative.

Working with young people pursuing their education, training and employment goals, it was clear a significant barrier for many of our young people to attain their goals and become more independent in the community was having their full drivers licence. Now that BSL is providing one of its vehicles to the L2P program to enable more young people on their learners licence accrue their necessary driving experience, the program seeks additional driving mentors to support BSL’s young program participants.

Not only does the mentor role enable young learner drivers accrue their driving experience, it also adds value by providing a significant relationship in that young person’s life they otherwise do not have. “The partnership is truly encouraging work for us as we have also witnessed the additional value of the mentor’s role beyond the scope of driving instruction in the lives of our young participants”.

To help us enable more young people in our community become more engaged and independent, we encourage you to become a L2P Mentor for our young people! All it takes is a minimum of two hours a week with training, insurance and vehicle provided.

How do I apply?

Mentors for Frankston’s L2P program are registered with Frankston City Council.

If you are interested in becoming a L2P Mentor in Frankston or would like to find out more information, visit Frankston Council L2P Program page or email Catherine Nelsson at Catherine.nelsson@frankston.vic.gov.au

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