During our recent strategy discussion in the last Town Hall, we invited everyone to help us devise a new 'tagline' for a chance to win a $200 gift voucher in our BSL stores – including Hunter Gatherer, Ops Shops or BSL Books.

While our ongoing vision is 'Working for an Australia free of poverty', we want your ideas for a new emotive ear worm, elevator pitch or tagline that will give everyone a sense of how we're going to achieve this vision.

Currently, our tagline is 'Let's make change that lasts' which is loved by some people, but others think it doesn't really tell the story of what we do. Whether someone's new to our organisation or they have followed us for a while, we want them to read the tagline as something that positively builds a connection and understanding of BSL's work.

Need some inspiration?

Think of classic taglines such as Nike's 'Just Do It' and L'Oreal has 'Because you're worth it'. Your emotive earworm also needs to be simple and direct. In recent workshops, people have already given us some suggestions, such as:

  • Building Stronger Lives
  • Building Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Brilliant services, Solving complex problems, Lasting change

Others include:

  • Driving systemic change for a better Australia tomorrow
  • Enabling people to live the lives they value
  • Meaningful change that we can all be proud of]
  • Meaningful change for people experiencing disadvantage
  • Everyone deserves a life they value

Give us your suggestion before 31 March 2023

To enter the competition, click this link and let us know what YOU think would help bring our work to life through a new tagline. Taglines should not exceed 100 characters and your name and email need to be submitted at the time of entry for the prize draw.