Turning 100 years old is not only a sign of incredible longevity, it also shows the level of love and care you have surrounding you.

Recently Aged Care Community Care Case Manager, Nisha Burumdoyal celebrated the birthday of her special client, Arthur Newman.

Arthur, or Mr Newman to Nisha, still lives at home under the dutiful care of his wife Elizabeth. While Mrs Newman continues to maintain the household and cooks for Arthur each night, it could not be done without the support of Nisha who cares deeply that the couple maintain their independence in their own home.

“It gives me so much satisfaction to see clients, such as the Newmans, maintain their independence at home rather than seeking alternative care arrangements,” said Nisha.

“At the age of 94, Mrs Newman is still such a vibrant and independent woman, but her role as a fulltime carer can sometimes be overwhelming. While she would not have it any other way, we speak regularly in addition to face-to-face visits. Sometimes this would be going through the support she may require, but other times it’s giving her time to have a chat about her caring duties when she feels overwhelmed.”

The Newmans often express their love for Nisha and the care she provides, especially when gentlemanly Arthur bows to her and shakes her hand to welcome her arrival in their home.

For Nisha, she could not let Arthur’s 100th birthday or the Newman’s recent 71st wedding anniversary go uncelebrated. Knowing he has a sweet tooth; Nisha took a chocolate sponge cake to share as they reflected on his celebration lunch with their extended family.

Happy Birthday Arthur and thank you Nisha!

The Newmans with Nisha's chocolate sponge.
The Newmans with Nisha's chocolate sponge.