With school beginning, Saver Plus can help you prepare for those hidden costs throughout the year with a $500 matched saving program for eligible people like Katrina.

Before joining the Brotherhood of St. Laurence's (BSL) Saver Plus program, Katrina had tried to save with little success. Newly single, she was having a crash course in managing the budget on one income when she heard about Saver Plus via her daughter’s school newsletter. Katrina wanted to make sure that her daughter didn’t miss out on things and with the money from Saver Plus, was able to pay for her daughter’s bus pass and some extra-curricular activities.

The program helped her focus on the difference between what she needed and what she wanted, and she’s realised that the spending on small things can really add up. She’s now enjoying watching her savings account grow and stops to think “Do I really need this item?"

“I wish that I could go back to my younger years with what I know now. I wish I'd had an emergency fund set up a long time ago. I learnt things that I should have known from the beginning of my working life.” Katrina said.

BSL’s Saver Plus program is a 10-month financial education program that gives people tips and tricks to grow their financial skills. Participants in the program save towards an item for their own or their kids’ education. At the end of the program, ANZ matches what they have saved, adding up to $500 to their bank account.

If you or someone you know may be eligible for the program, find out more about SaverPlus on our website or call 1300 610 355.

Saverplus participant, Katrina
Saverplus participant, Katrina