You can help people feel connected and supported in Australia.

Your gift today can help support newly arrived people

All over the world, families, communities and entire groups of people are being forced to leave their homes. From Afghanistan to Ukraine, people are fleeing their homes knowing they may never be able to feel at home there again.

But when people are resettled in a new country, ‘settled’ is often far from how they’re feeling

Our teams work to support people seeking asylum, refugees, and people from migrant backgrounds, to include them in Australia’s economic and social life.

When you give a gift you will be supporting people in your community with settlement and orientation support — helping them navigate systems in Australia. Helping families and children to understand the school and education system — and providing extra school and homework support so they aren’t left behind.

The support your generosity provides to people seeking asylum, refugees and people from migrant backgrounds will help empower them to create better lives for themselves in their new communities – and feel connected and supported.

You can help people to feel connected and supported in Australia.

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Please note: only Mastercard and Visa are accepted online. To donate via AMEX please call (03) 9483 1301.

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