Climate change adaptation

The impacts of climate change are being felt in Australia and across the globe. In south-eastern Australia  the impacts include increased intensity of heatwaves and bushfires. Climate change adaptation is about responding to the unavoidable risks from climate change, in order to reduce their impact.

Many low-income households are less protected from negative impacts of climate change. For example, elderly people are highly vulnerable to heatwaves, while many low income households are either uninsured or underinsured, exposing them to financial risk from extreme weather events. 

It’s essential that climate change adaptation does not lead to greater inequality. In fact, done the right way, taking action on climate change can make us a fairer and wealthier nation.

Current project

Strengthening community engagement around bushfire risk

The incidence of natural disasters and extreme weather events increases in a changing climate. This research project, a partnership between the Brotherhood of St Laurence and the Country Fire Authority, explored the impact of poverty and disadvantage on community participation in bushfire preparedness and response activities.

The goal was to map options for developing stronger community engagement, particularly involving those Australians who are vulnerable to heightened exposure to bushfire risk due to poverty and social exclusion. A report has been submitted to the CFA.

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